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Debbi Jarvis, Vice President, Corporate Relations for Pepco Holdings, An Exelon Company

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Our Mission  

Women Leadership Magazine USA is designed to recognize, promote and celebrate the

accomplishments of women in leadership. Not only that, WLM-USA will provide content aimed at

helping to build a corps of future female leaders in every professional endeavor. Through timely,

appropriate and relevant articles and features WLM-USA will seek to enhance the professional

images and reflections of women who are, and who aspire to be, distinguished members of their

respective professions. WLM-USA will be in digital format and provide a subscription based

membership at an affordable annual price. It will be distributed nationally and will be published as

a bi-monthly publication. Our new magazine will be a one stop source of information for the

female leader whether regarding personal and professional development, employment

opportunities, family life, entrepreneurship, health & wellness or highlighting specific

achievements. WLM-USA is created to be a unique repository of pertinent, critical editorial pieces

designed to lead, guide and direct women in their ascendency to greatness.


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