Leadership and Excellence Award 2019 “Applauding Diversity & Success”

MEA Magazine in collaboration with Women Leadership Magazine USA (WLMUSA) and Heart & Soul will celebrate its 16th annual Gala, Leadership & Excellence Awards at the University of North America located at 12750 Fair Lakes Court, Fairfax, VA 22033. The Gala will be held from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Dennis Via, U.S Army, Retired, and Executive Vice President and Defense Fellow, Global Defense Group, Booz Allen Hamilton.

Confirmed Guest Speaker: Dr. Tshaka Cunningham, Co-Founder of TruGenomix a precision genomics company that focuses on advancing the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.

During the Gala the honorees will represent virtually every industry as we honor men and women from across the nation. They were selected because they embody the core characteristics of leadership; a combination of strength, intelligence, and decisiveness.  These phenomenal men and women are tipping the scales of power as they represent strategic thinkers, authentic and practical leadership styles, as well as, a team focused approach to solving the complex problem presented to today’s executives.

Some of the honorees include: Rhonda J. Davis, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, National Science Foundation; Ken Harvey, former NFL Linebacker and CEO of KRH; Brian Moreland, Producer, B. More Now Productions; Jill Ku Martin, President, University of North America; Serene Al-Momen, CEO, Senseware; Debbi Jarvis, Sr. Vice President Corporate Relations, Howard University; Ed Albrigo, CEO, Center of Innovative Technology; David E. Garnett, President, iAM Solutions, LLC; John Heath, VP Government Relations, TURO; Benadette Keyi, CEO, Next Generation Awards Entertainment; Rev. George Holmes, Chaplain & Religious Chair, DC Democratic Leadership Group; Carmen Powell, President/CEO, Veritiss, LLC; Harry Boston, CEO, Boston Government Solutions; Donald A. King, Chair, Federal EEO and Civicl Rights Council; John Huggins, CEO, Broadband Connect; Daryle Jordan, Partner, Jordan Guydon LLP; Robin Walker-Harris, President, Applied Cyber Strategy Group, Thomas Hegens, President, PHENOM Surgical.

A lavish dinner will be served with live entertainment by Marcus Johnson Trio. For more information contact Debra Williams at 703-291-5096 or email at dwilliams@meamagazine.com  for details about nominations, sponsorship package or media kit.

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