Seminar Workshop Doing business in African Markets Best Practices

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Conference & Gala 2018

Save the Date September 18, 2018

Location: Washington Convention Center

801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, D.C. 20001

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Doing business in African Markets Best Practices

Session VISION: To provide a better understanding of the Strategic Analysis & Assessment Process required to start a new business and/or expand your existing business into the Emerging Africa Markets.

OBJECTIVE: The Strategic Process is Complex and involves many variables such as: Costs / Challenges / Obstacles / Resources / Risks / Time / Support [No seminar or presentation can fully explain all that needs to be done  You need specific experienced professional support to navigate this process]


Set Achievable Goals and Develop an effective Strategic Business Plan

Utilize Strategic Thinking internally & externally (outside the box)

Identify Economic Costs and Estimated Sustainable Model(s) required for your start-up or expansion

1 Identify Sources of Capital & Resources

2 Effective Utilization of Private/Public Partnerships and/or local Strategic Alliances

3 Pro-active transfer of US Intellectual Skills & integration to new labor force

Identify & Utilize Effective Networking

1. With Foreign Government Officials & Embassy Officials (US & Foreign)

2. With the specific African country/region Diaspora in the US

3. With local African Business Leaders / Companies / Prospective Vendors & Service Providers

Understanding the African Culture/Business Process vs. the US Business Process

1. Developing & Maintaining a current data base

Effective Communication Methods

1. Telephone  /  Email  /  Website  /  In Person Events  /  Newsprint & Television or other Media outlet

Effective Follow-up Techniques

1. During Planning & Due Diligence Process

2. During Exploration, Test and/or Pilot Process

3. During Implementation & Transition Process

4. During Business Operation Process

Identify & Assess Risk

1. Economic – Costs vs Benefits of this new venture or expansion

2. Financial– Prepare extensive budget including required insurance coverage(s)

3. Legal – Identify costs, direct liability, indirect liability, and other liability

4. Market – Assess & evaluate the Target Market(s)

5. Environmental – Geographic, Climate, Transportation, Health

6. Political/Religious – Term limits, Corruption, Cultural Attitudes, Product restrictions/limitations


Moderator: James Barbieri

James Barbieri


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