Women Leadership Magazine USA Announces New Chairwoman

Towanda R. Livingston is a successful and award-winning Diversity and Inclusion Executive.  She has been essential in developing, implementing and institutionalizing various diversity initiatives that range from communication, workforce, workplace to supplier/business and community outreach. Her portfolio is extensive and diverse—from initiating diversity and inclusive programs to successfully transforming diversity programs’ business operations to support strategic initiatives and significantly improving the brand equity of organizations.   She is a proficient all-around Executive, Diversity and Economic Development Practitioner with a highly adaptable background and exceptional leadership, communication, presentation, public speaking, project/program management and team building skills.  She possesses over 25 years of solid hands-on advocacy, diversity and inclusion, economic development, strategic, business, business/professional coaching, marketing, sales and customer service experience which has successfully grew and sustained diversity and inclusion programs.  The breadth and depth of her experience with advocacy, strategic planning and implementation of sustainable economic development, business development, diversity, inclusion and equity programs has been extremely valuable to her stakeholders and those lucky enough to procure her services. Currently, she owns and operates a successful business consulting firm.

“Either by inspiration or desperation you will be PUSHED into your PURPOSE.” ~ Towanda R. Livingston

Formerly the Director of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s (WSSC) Office of Supplier Diversity & Inclusion (OSDI), Towanda, was an Executive at WSSC from November 2006 to November 2017.  WSSC is among the largest water and wastewater utilities in the nation, serving nearly 1.8 million residents in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.  Under Towanda’s leadership, the Commission exceeded its MBE and SLBE Program contract payment goals and objectives.  She effectively led the Commission, during her tenure, in achieving approximately 26% or more in contract expenditures totaling approximately $991.4 million with certified Minority/Women Business Enterprise firms and $196.5 million in expenditures with Small Local Business Enterprises (SLBEs).  In 2017, Towanda has hit the $1 Billion mark; meaning during her career at WSSC 2006 through 2017 she has been integral to over $1 Billion in payments to MWBE Firms and Small Local Businesses.  She has won numerous awards and accolades over her career; and has volunteered numerous hours to community-based organizations that are dedicated to women and children causes.  

“To be a fisher of women and men through servitude so that they can appreciate their God–given greatness by walking in their purpose, passion and possibilities for their lives.” ~ Towanda R. Livingston Personal Mission Statement