Tracy Balazs President/CEO Federal Staffing Resources, LLC

By Phyllis Cunningham

Tracy Balazs is the President and CEO of Federal Staffing Resources, LLC d/b/a FSR. She launched FSR in 2004 and has built it into a leading provider of workforce solutions and program management. As an entrepreneur, visionary, and thoughtful leader, she is highly regarded in the sectors of government contracting, recruitment, executive search, veteran job placement, and staffing by providing specialized expertise for clients nationwide. For 25 years Tracy cared for patients dealing with devastating injuries as a Registered Nurse in trauma and ICU units in a variety of settings, including numerous prestigious hospital systems in New York, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. 

She parlayed her rewarding nursing career into a government contractor executive focused on healthcare staffing. FSR’s focus has been supporting military healthcare facilities providing care to the military service members and their families and veterans. Tracy’s business knowledge is self-taught guided by intuition, a desire to learn, and staying true to her values. She seeks opportunities to learn from successful business and industry leaders and applies those lessons into making FSR a stronger, healthier company. Valuing how others shared their experience and knowledge with her, Tracy embraces opportunities to help other business owners new to government contracting by sharing Best Practices and insight. She is a featured speaker at numerous forums including the 2015 Congressional Hearing on Small Business. Her dedication to help other small businesses develop was recognized by being awarded as a Mentor in the 8(a) Mentor-Protégé program for the Small Business Administration. 

After a decade of working with the Federal government, Tracy expanded FSR’s services to the private sector with a focus on talent acquisition, recruitment, executive searches, and specialized human resources. She recognized the need for personnel to match an organization’s mission, culture, and values for long-term retention and job satisfaction. Her understanding how an organization’s goals need to align with the people it employs achieved increased operational success for clients. Tracy implemented an extremely selective hiring process to ensure clients receive the highest quality personnel that aligned with the organization’s specific and unique culture. 

Tracy grew up on military bases and experienced first hand the sacrifices and dedication of service members and their families. She knows the sadness of parent’s deployment and the jubilation of a ship’s return. Tracy’s dedication to service has lived on through FSR. Tracy firmly believes no veteran should have to fight for a job. Inspired by the White House hiring initiative, she created FSR’s Working Warrior Program ℠ to help veterans navigate the complex job market, incentives companies with veterans hiring initiatives, and help companies navigate the vast and diverse veteran talent tool and parleying their military experience to the private sector. 

Tracy not only inspires FSR’s company infrastructure, contractors, employees, and partners but also its clients, small businesses, and the community at large. She is strives to continue helping others.