Ilya Sutskever, former cofounder and chief scientist of OpenAI, opens his own SSI firm based in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto. OPENAI.
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OpenAI Co-Founder Launches Safe Superintelligence Venture Amid Safety Concerns‌OpenAI Cofounder Starts New Firm Dedicated To Safe AI‌

Ilya Sutskever’s new firm, SSI, aims to develop AI technology prioritizing safety and ethics, following his exit from OpenAI.‌
After trying to oust OpenAI’s CEO due to safety concerns, Ilya Sutskever cofounds Safe Superintelligence (SSI) firm based in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto.

The sixth FemForward cohort includes 33 participants, chosen out of some 90 applicants. DMITRY POGOSTOV. 
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FemForward Program Empowers Women In Tech Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict‌FemForward Gives A Boost To High-tech Women In Wartime‌

Israeli initiative supports women’s career advancement during crisis, with notable success in high-tech sector.‌
Women in Israel’s tech ecosystem learn how to overcome the broken rung looming over their career ladder.

In the case against former President Donald Trump related to the retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Judge Aileen Cannon appears to have adopted a slow approach in the pretrial process. SEAN RAYFORD/GETTY IMAGES
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Trump Convicted On 34 Counts In Historic Hush Money Trial

By Virginia Van ZandtBy Arjun Singh   Former President Donald Trump was convicted on all counts in his criminal trial in New York City on Thursday, concluding an extraordinary trial and making him the first U.S. president to have ever been convicted of a crime. The jury of his peers found Trump guilty on all […] […]