The Woman Behind The Business Retreat

 It’s a delicate subject.

Being a woman entrepreneur (especially in the start-up phase) can mean long hours, late nights, and nobody to talk to! Add on your responsibilities as wife, mother, daughter, sister, or any other role…and you can end up one stressed out momma!

It’s funny because most people smile with admiration when they learn that you’re a business owner, yet most people rarely understand what that means. You’re usually pegged as ambitious, motivated and determined…but, people can’t quite comprehend what life is like for The Woman Behind The Business.

Yes, you’re ambitious, because you want more for yourself. You’re motivated, because you believe in yourself….and the determination, well that’s easy…you set out to establish a legacy for yourself and your family…so, failure is just not an option. These are all great character traits that reflect most women entrepreneurs but, they don’t get to the heart of who “she”is.  Who “I” am.

That’s part of the reason why I launched the women’s entrepreneurial group The Woman Behind The Business(WBB). The goal of our group is to support entrepreneurial growth and sustainability in women-owned businesses. We accomplish this by creating a sacred space for women to be honest about the challenges they face as women entrepreneurs & CEO’s.

The Woman Behind The Business Founder, Angel Livas

Personally, I had a very small pool of people (like one person) that I could talk to about what was actually manifesting in my life. Then I realized their had to be other women like  me, seeking  someone  to   confide  in,   while  also  providing her

testimony to encourage and uplift her fellow women in business.

So, I’m inviting you, my fellow women business owners, to join me for our first annual The Woman Behind The Business Retreat in Nassau, Bahamas, September 8 -12th!

The agenda is designed to merge exploratory professional development with tranquility (because we all need to relax sometimes!). Attendees will experience fun outdoor activities, coupled with engaging hands-on workshops to provide Strength | Strategy | Success: Your Toolkit to Sustainability!

 Activities Include: Beach Yoga, Group Tours, Surprise Evening Activities, and more. Sessions Include: The Power (and Importance) of Managing Relationships, Dominating in Male Dominated Industries, “Me Time” without Guilt, Government Contracting – The Woman Owned Business Way, among others!

We have a dynamic list of confirmed speakers which include: The Consul General of The Bahamas,  The Honorable Paulette Zonicle; Professional Pipeline Development Group, CEO – Monica Hawkins; Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), CEO – Carla A. Reid, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) Education Foundation, President & Ex Nihilo, CEO – Angela Dingle, among others.

Vacation packages start at just $1,386 and you can save 20% off retreat registration with coupon code: Spectrum

Register online:

Photo: The 3rd Installment of The Woman Behind The Business at The City Club of Washington! | Credit: Kris Murray Media